Race Driver GRID


Enjoy driving great cars in amazing tracks


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A new and amazing Racing Game which perfectly mixes the arcade racer and hardcore simulation sensations. Feel the power of engines, sense the speed, sound and action on the racetrack and enjoy yourself driving the most competitive and well-designed cars.

Choose your car and get into the world of GRID, a magnificent game that will hook you. There are three different view modes and they are really good, no matter if you're zooming along a straightaway with a cockpit view or drifting around a hairpin in third-person, it's amazing, but the cam and the view modes are extremely amazing when watching replays, a replay function that reminds Gran Turismo.

Drive a Ford Mustang GTR in San Francisco, push the pedal to the metal of a BMW 320Si in Jarama circuit or drift in the wharfs of Yokohama driving a Nissan Silvia S15. Challenge up to 11 friends in your favourite circuit in the multiplayer online mode or challenge yourself in the individual mode.

Choose your favorite mode and enjoy: Touring Car, Destruction Derby, rfit, Street Racing or Lemans.
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